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Concent means harmony or a symphony of sounds singing and playing together. With this concept and philosophy of total harmony, we are moving ahead with our technology distribution business. We specialize in the value-added distribution of high-end Audio-visual systems and interactive technology solutions for Business, Education, Public Places, Retail Spaces, Control and Command Centers, and so on…

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CTDPL specializes in the procurement and distribution of high-end audio-visual systems throughout India and Southeast Asia. We have been a pioneer and leader in AV systems and technology solutions, providing the region with cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. CTDPL has been at the forefront of establishing and managing distribution networks for suppliers of audio-visual technology from the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The brands that CTDPL distributes are pioneering, internationally acclaimed and industry-leading brands. The latter are synonymous with excellence in research and development, technological innovation, new product development and technology diversification. CTDPL brings to the fore its expertise and in-depth market knowledge to tap the immense potential of India and the Southeast Asian region. Besides, this, CTDPL boasts a progressive and technologically-savvy team, aggressive marketing, and an established network of regional partners and resellers. These make CTDPL an ideal business partner for global manufacturers. CTDPL also provides its clients with a great customer experience and timely and efficient after-sales support to help clients grow their business.

This is made possible due to CTDPL’s expert team based in Mumbai as well as its resellers and dealers across several key locations in the country and throughout Southeast Asia. Partnership with CTDPL spells business success for global suppliers. The latter can take advantage of new market entry, product portfolio diversification, and market expansion through CTDPL for an unparalleled strategic business advantage!

Meraj Ul Haq, the founder of Concent Technology Distribution Pvt Ltd (CTDPL), is well-known in the Audio-visual (AV) industry. He has been a dedicated contributor to the AV industry in India and Southeast Asia, having worked in various capacities across the region since 1995. In addition, Meraj has been a product, marketing, and solutions provider in business operations to dozens of Resellers and customers in India and overseas. Prior to founding his own company, Meraj was working in leadership positions at many top AVSI Companies. He was also the Leading India Enterprise Business Head at SMART Technologies, a Canadian manufacturer of interactive whiteboards, specializing in professional collaboration and education solutions. Meraj earned his Bachelor’s degree in Science, and a Diploma in Engineering, as well as an Executive MBA. You can contact him at meraj@ctdpl.co.in

Meraj ul haqFounder


To improve the demand for cutting-edge technology by channelling innovative products and solutions.



We are not here to be also-rans… We are here to lead, to be the best…to be the leaders, nothing less…

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