Architectural Connectivity

Architectural Connectivity solutions are rapidly changing the way people collaborate in meeting spaces across the globe. These solutions reduce or eliminate the chaos in modern meeting rooms with the latter having cables all over the place. This results in confusion as to which cable to use. 

Architectural Connectivity solutions provide an elegant cable management solution, providing discreet access to AV cables and power. The solutions blend seamlessly into aesthetically sensitive surroundings mounting nearly flush with the tabletop.

Some of the Architectural Connectivity solutions include Table Inserts and Table Grommets. Table Inserts redefine the usability, versatility, and cost of huddle rooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms. Table inserts are available for HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort source devices, providing connectivity for sources such as laptops and tablets, as well as display on/off and source selection control that is simple enough for any user to understand with virtually no training. 

Simply put, an entire meeting can be run with only two buttons: an “on/off” button which turns the switcher and the display on or off, and a “show-me” button which switches the active input channel to the table insert on which the button was pressed.

CTDPL offers you the very latest in Architectural Connectivity solutions







The system also features automatic switching for sources that are not connected to the table inserts, such as media players, fixed PCs, or document cameras. When a source is connected and/or powered on, the system will recognise the input and automatically switch to that channel.

Table Grommets are also a great way to organize cables and route them through tabletops, desks, and other furniture. There are a wide variety of sizes and styles available. CTDPL offers you the very latest in Architectural Connectivity solutions and will tailor the latter to your unique AV needs for your collaboration spaces.

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