MTC Interactive Systems (Displays) feature a sleek and slim body design with excellent image quality. The latter is possible due to LED backlit technology. These interactive systems combine design and technology to provide true value to their customers.

The professional grade panels are produced by adhering to high international standards, making them extremely durable. MTC’s interactive displays are designed keeping the customer in mind and have several very attractive features.

Some of them are:

  • Anti-reflective glass
  • An ambient light sensor
  • 10-touch interactive points
  • Durability & compatibility with control systems

These Interactive Displays are available in different sizes to meet different budgets and requirements. The sizes range from 32” to 98”, including popular sizes such as 55”, 65” and 84”. All of these displays come with 10 touch points. 

CTDPL offers you the option of turning your existing passive or dumb display into an interactive touch display, through our “Overlayer” product range. The latter consists of two options: Overlayer and Bespoke. These are very popular, as touch technology has been adopted across different ages and business verticals, and is now an inherent part of life.

Our Overlayer range offers you multi touch capabilities based on your requirement. This includes dual touch up to 40 touch. Overlayer can be customized to any type of display – industrial or consumer – and for any brand. The latter include NEC, Sharp, Philips, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Barco. The Overlayer range comes in various sizes, ranging from 32” to 152” diagonal.

Our Bespoke range offers you touch interactive technology for video cubes for walls of any size. This range comes in a diagonal size of up to 400” both for LED as well as for rear projection video cubes. The brands include Samsung, LG, Sharp, NEC, Delta, Mitsubishi, Barco and others. This means that if you have stacked displays of different sizes, we can make them interactive. We can help your organization adopt interactive technology.

More about the Overlayer range

The Overlayer range is particularly useful as interactive boards in schools, training rooms, or corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms. They can also be used as information kiosks in schools, universities, corporate, retail and public places.

More about the Bespoke range

The Bespoke range of touch interactive solutions are specifically customized for a video wall. These Bespoke touch interactive solutions are offered in different colors and wood finishes to suit the spaces for video wall installations. 

The Bespoke range comes in varied brands, including Mitsubishi, Barco, Delta, Planar, Vtron, Christie, Eyevis and others. They can be used for rear projections and as LED displays. Interactive video wall applications can also be used in Command and Control Centers, and as Experience Centers in corporate and retail spaces.

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