Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is a large interactive display in the form factor of a whiteboard. It can either be a standalone touchscreen computer or a connectable apparatus used as a touchpad to control computers from a projector.

Interactive whiteboards are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate boardrooms and work groups, in training rooms for professional sports coaching, in broadcasting studios, and others.

At the very basic level, you can think of an interactive whiteboard as a rather large computer accessory, because it can mirror whatever is displayed on your monitor. 

MTC’s wide range of interactive whiteboard solutions allow you to control the content being shared, through different gestures, such as easy wipe, scroll, pinch, and zoom. You can also choose your pen in the color of your choice by picking up any one of four pens from the intelligent pen tray. The four touch sensors will automatically detect the color selected, which means you do not need to click a button to select a color.

The Interactive whiteboards come with built-in Tech Infinity Software, so you can navigate your collaboration experiences via hot keys located on the board. The MTC Interactive Whiteboard is used by millions worldwide, for seminars, presentations, and government briefings. It is also used across different sectors, such as corporate, retail, government, and education.

The great advantage of this product is that it allows direct digital annotation in the normal duration of a learning session or presentation; these are automatically saved for future reference or sharing with others in pdf, jpg and other popular formats. Apart from convenience, the product is so easy to operate that it requires no extra training effort.

We, at CTDPL, offer three different models of MTC Interactive Whiteboards. They are the MTC800, the MTC1000 and the MTC1500.

They come with certain attractive features, which are:

  • Multi-touch: This allows you to control the content and very easily swipe, scroll, pinch, and zoom through the multi-touch functionality of the board.
  • Intelligent pen tray: You can pick the pen from the tray and the sensor will detect the color and write in the same color on the board. You do not need to click buttons to select a color to write on the board.
  • Dual-user: You can take advantage of collaborative learning, as two users can use the board simultaneously.
  • Dry eraser pen surface: You can use Dry eraser on the board, as the board is writing surface compatible with the dry eraser markers.
  • Hot keys: You can navigate the Tech Infinity Software, with the hot keys on the board.
  • Platform neutral: Both PC as well as Mac users can use the board with the same ease.

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