Video Wall Controllers (also called Processors) are devices that split a single image into parts to be displayed on individual screens. Put simply, video wall controllers control the display of content on different types of video walls. The video wall controllers offered by CTDPL are the most flexible and user-friendly way to distribute and display any source onto any display.

The video wall controllers offered by CTDPL are the most flexible and user-friendly way to distribute and display any source onto any display. We offer video wall controllers that are powerful and easy-to-use.

Video wall controllers are of two types:

  • Hardware-based controllers
  • Software-based PC and video-card controllers

Multi-display visualization is an essential part of many supervision, control, and digital signage applications. This is where real-time operation and shared information are critical. Video wall controllers, as the name suggests, control video walls, which are increasingly being used in different industries.

In this era of big data generation, the need to visualize multiple sets of data and share information for collaborative analysis makes choosing the right display system crucial. The video wall controllers distributed by CTDPL not only control video walls, but also handle multiple analog or digital inputs, SD or HD video inputs, IP cameras, and display workstation monitor images. The controllers also apply multiple Express Crossbars for the full digital display of digital and analog input sources in real time.

The easy-to-use controllers are characterized by superior design, excellent price, excellent performance balance and high reliability. You can experience the most effective workflow with these video wall controllers.

Video wall controllers distributed by CTDPL offer the following advantages:

  • Due to its modular architecture, the system is expandable and can be modified even after installation and after years of operation
  • It offers guaranteed real-time visualization from local and remote sources
  • It is the perfect solution for small and large video wall installations
  • It is the ideal solution for video intensive projects

CTDPL’s solution takes an off-the-shelf PC and turns it into a high-end video wall controller. It includes all the key features to quickly and easily control and display multiple content sources on the video wall in a flexible way. You can manage and control the solution through the cloud or for sites with no Internet connection, through the Local Area Network (LAN).

G4K Pro Creative Video Wall Controllers

The G4K Pro stand alone serial video wall controller is the perfect solution for eye catching digital signage displays with its ability to support audio and any degree rotation on each output.

CTDPL offers all the high-end features in the video wall controller to control video wall applications at the best price point. The video wall controller solution offered by CTDPL has several advantages. Some of them are:

  • Scalable
  • Different and unlimited content sources
  • Maximum Control Presets
  • Multi-window picture
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Effective security
  • Scheduling and central content management
  • Fault tolerance
  • Cloud-managed controller

CTDPL’s video wall controllers and processors offer unparalleled performance, reliability, and ease-of-use. Our controllers are extremely versatile and perform a variety of functions, including processing, rendering, IP encoding/decoding, media playback, and content management. 

You can use our video wall controllers for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to create an enterprise-scale AV/IP network, monitor real-time video feeds in your control room, visualize an ultra-high-resolution 3D model, or deliver a slideshow presentation, our controllers give you the power and flexibility you need. 

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