The Audiovisual (AV) over Internet Protocol (IP) suite is the routing of high-definition video, audio, and control signals to various destinations, using a standard Ethernet network. One of the many advantages of AV over IP is that AV over IP offers tremendous cost savings versus using traditional AV switchers in larger deployments. AV over IP also offers great scalability and flexibility for the customer.

With AV over IP, there are two types of networking methods. These are: packet switching and circuit switching. In a circuit switched network, dedicated point to point connections are made to distribute the streams. In a packet switched network, data is sliced up into small packets and delivered to various destinations that request that data.

The right kind of AV over IP platform will allow you to always expand the system by simply integrating an off-the-shelf IP switch into the existing system using packet switched networking. This ensures that the customer can always grow at any time.

Choosing a switch for your AV over IP system is critical, as this is the heart of the system and the quality of the network switch can determine quality of video and stability. The switch should be tested and verified to operate in various configurations.

A true convergence of AV and IT is discovered through AV over IP and new systems are designed with this in mind. Owing to the development of AV over IP, IT professionals can manage their AV network using switch technology they are already comfortable with. They also won’t have to worry about costly port expansions in case of growth.

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For the AV integrator, AV over IP offers their clients a much more scalable, flexible, and easier option to integrate. They can also reassure their clients that their AV system can always grow with them. 

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