Fiber Infrastructure

An optical fiber is a solid strand of glass as thin as human hair. It carries information using pulses of light emitted by a light source (LED or Laser). 

As far as Fiber Infrastructure is concerned, its increased bandwidth allows fiber to deliver rates of data spanning from kilobits to megabits to multiple gigabits per second. No other solution provides the same longevity. If you install fiber today, it will meet your network infrastructure needs far into the future.

Fiberoptic AV solutions not only provides more bandwidth over longer distances than twisted pair cabling, but it is also less prone to electromagnetic interference. There are two types of optical fiber: single-mode and multi-mode. Single-mode and multi-mode fibers differ in the way they construct glass pathways to distribute data. However, the fundamental physical difference between single-mode and multi-mode fiber is the core size, which directly impacts the most fundamental features of fiber: distance and speed.

Typically, system designers may use multi-mode fiber to connect different AV systems of devices in a single building. They will then use single-mode fiber to connect different buildings in a campus together. This creates a pattern that allows an entire campus of multiple buildings to be interconnected.

CTDPL understands that it is a truly exciting time for Fiberoptic solutions.

Economy Premade Fiber Cables

Armored Premade Fiber Cables

Black Series Premade Fiber Cables

No matter which solution you choose, fiber provides an excellent and secure way of providing high bandwidth distribution of audio and video across long distances. Fiber infrastructure make networks more robust and stable, which means that this infrastructure will meet your needs for many years to come. Our Fiberoptic solutions cover every conceivable configuration. CTDPL understands that it is a truly exciting time for Fiberoptic solutions. We provide our clients with a deep understanding of fiberoptic AV solutions and encourage them to remember that fiber may be a viable option for their audio and video distribution.

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