Screenbeam 1100

4K app-free wireless screen sharing for employee and guest devices with multi-network support for flexible deployment options

ScreenBeam 1100 4K wireless display and collaboration solution provides unparalleled deployment flexibility for employee and guest devices in ANY meeting space.

ScreenBeam 1100

The ScreenBeam 1100 delivers an app-free screen sharing experience that brings intuitive collaboration to any meeting space or classroom.

ScreenBeam For business

Productivity soars when meetings start on time and teams can collaborate with touch display support.

App-free wireless screen sharing makes it easy for employee and guest devices to connect and wirelessly present. Support for native screen mirroring functionality in Windows, Android and Apple devices gets rid of apps, cables and buttons. Windows and macOS users can share content in both duplicate and extended screen modes. ScreenBeam fully enables the power of Microsoft 365 and digital inking with a touch display so teams get a powerful platform that enables collaboration and saves time.

ScreenBeam For Education

Create interactive learning.

Student engagement thrives when you give your teachers the tools they need to create personalized and immersive learning experiences. ScreenBeam technology is native in Windows 10 devices. Simply press Windows + K to instantly connect and present lessons onto the classroom display. Now teachers are mobile to share their notes, presentations and more directly to student devices or the front of room display improving classroom collaboration.

Key Features of the ScreenBeam 1100

  • App-free screen sharing
  • 4K high quality native output
  • Digital inking across Office 365 apps
  • Save & capture markups on touch displays
  • Protected content playback
  • Miracast & Airplay screen mirroring
  • Secure support for guest collaboration
  • Duplicate or extended mode
  • Share any form of content

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